Course Description

This course utilizes the Moving Poster as its catalyst for exploratory making. Students will investigate the principles of animation and design, reinforcing concepts applicable to any design practice.

While Poster Design and Motion Graphics (such as film titles, cable-news intros, etc.) have long been staples of graphic design, only recently have the two come together as a roughly-defined form. The moving poster is not simply an animated banner ad, or a series of images on a Times Square billboard. Instead, it holds firm to the tradition of Poster Design while leveraging the digital space to its advantage. The addition of motion to the poster further delights its viewer and, ideally, enhances its message.

The rules and thresholds of this form are just starting to be explored. What does a moving poster do better than a static one? What are its limitations? When is it no longer a poster, rather, a very short film? What makes them most effective?
How can our expectations of them be subverted? When do they become detrimental?

This course offers an exciting conceptual opportunity to define and redefine the moving poster as a form.

The Moving Poster course by Nathan Young, posters by students at RISD and the Tyler School of Art + Architecture